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Mercantile Marine

We Provide Access to High-Quality Boats and Yachts.

Mercantile Marine is a commercial organisation located in Sydney, New South Wales. We provide easy access to the best boats and yachts for a variety of purposes. Whether you are looking towards skiing, waterboarding, or aquaplaning, we ensure you have just the right boat for you.

Our sales offering cut across both new and used boats. We prioritise quality, ease of access, and continuous support in our service and product offering. You can contact us for more details.

Our Services

As one of Australia’s leading marine boat lender and yacht brokers, we offer premium access to both new and old boats and yachts. We also provide additional services that allow you to achieve this with ease and comfort.

Our service offering cut across the following areas.

Why Choose Us

Choosing Mercantile Marine for your boats and yachts purchase might appear like a hard decision. Well, it should not. We offer various competitive advantages that make us not only desirable but preferable. These advantages include.

High-Quality Boats and Yachts 

We are most desirable because all our boats and yacht are not only of high quality. Instead, they are of the best quality. We offer boats equipped with recent technologies and world-class functionality that enable you to get value for your money. Not only are our boats durable, but they also provide comfort and capacity that meets up with industry best standards.


Our offerings are not just limited to a particular type of boat or for specific uses. We offer a wide range of vessels that you can purchase. We also provide boats that are suitable for a wide variety of functions. If you are looking for speed, power or comfort, we have just the vessel that can do that.

Easy Interface

We reckon that there should be no stress as you try to make purchases or purchases up to your boat sale. And this is what we provide. We have designed our platforms to ensure you can easily access the boats of your needs or put yachts up for sales.

Competitive Prices

While you might be tempted to believe our high-quality boats and yachts are unaffordable, you are mistaken. With us, you get quality at affordable and competitive prices. Our price offerings are industry-leading meaning you enjoy the best prices with us. This is also the same if you decide to sell your boat with us.

Thanks to our financing services, you also get to enjoy financial flexibility when you decide to go with us. 

About Us

We are privately owned and run organisation committed to ensuring you experience ease and comfort as you try to purchase a boat or yacht. We provide high-quality boats and yachts that are suitable for a wide variety of applications.

We prioritise enabling the best consumer experience while offering you a personalised service that allows you to get value for money. 


Mercantile Marine is a company incorporated within Australia. We have our primary location-based in Sydney, New South Wales.