At Mercantile Marine, we offer access to a wide variety of yacht. And one of our popular offerings includes the Bavaria Yacht. An award-winning offering, we allow you to enjoy the superior construction and German engineering that comes with this yacht. We ensure you can sail in the comfort of the Bavaria yacht, whether new or used.

Our model offerings under this category include:

Bavaria C42 

We offer the Bavaria C42 that provides access to the most recent technologies among our peers. It comes with a water capacity and fuel capacity of 210 litres. This yacht comes for AU $389, 000. You also get access to various relevant components like a refrigerator, hot water system, bilge pumps, and exquisite cabins.

Bavaria C45 

With its clean design, both at its exterior and interior, this yacht is an excellent option if you are looking to enjoy luxury while on the sea. This yacht comes for AU $505, 000. It supports excellent functionality thanks to its hot water system, refrigerator and three blades fixed propulsion.

Bavaria Cruiser 51 

We offer the Bavaria Cruiser 51 that is well suited for racing. It is fun, fast, and perfect for an experienced crew. This yacht comes for AU $620, 000. It comes with various components such as wind generator, panda generator, wet and laundry room. It has an engine that can last as much as 513 hours.

Bavaria C57

We offer the Bavaria C57 that provides access to a luxurious yacht. Widely considered as the brand’s most exquisite production, this yacht comes with an interior design that blows your mind away. It brings more space, more performance, more comfort, more freedom, more relaxation, and elegance. This yacht comes for AU $895, 000.

Bavaria Cruiser 34

With modern, designed accommodation, you have everything you need always to want more. This yacht does not only deliver on functionality. It comes with a fantastic interior that makes it worthwhile. This yacht comes for AU $218, 000. It comes with three cabins, a safety gear, life jacket, fire protection, and an electric manual bilge pump. 

Bavaria Cruiser 37

We offer the Cruiser 37, which provides beauty and functionality. With as much as three cabins and a water capacity of 210 litres, this ship allows you to enjoy long term experience on the road. This yacht comes for AU $289, 000.

If you’re looking to buy a Bavaria Yacht, at Mercantile Marine, we can help you. You can contact us through any of the means below.