Exploring Sydney, NSW and Australia with a boat is a great idea. However, it is not without its risk. As much as we intend to avoid accidents and other unwanted circumstances, there is no denying that they might be unavoidable.

As such, you need to ensure you protect yourself and your boat in the event of such circumstances. Well, that is where insurance comes in. It allows you to protect yourself financially in case of such damage or accident to your boat. It also extends to matters of theft or loss. 

At Mercantile Marine, we fully understand the need for marine or boat insurance. We are well aware that getting a boat comes at a considerable cost. And whether you are buying outrightly or through our financing options, you will be sure to have paid some money. As such, you need your investment protected from loss, theft, damage, and unforeseen accidents.

Hence, we offer a premium insurance service that allows you to keep your boat or yacht protected. Regardless of your needs, whether necessary protection or more comprehensive protection, we ensure we leave no stone untouched in our bid to keep you protected. 

Our insurance covers various types of boats and yacht ranging from trailer crafts, personal watercraft to ski boats. Whether you are yacht racing or water skiing or wakeboarding or wake surfing, we ensure you are fully protected.

We also understand that damage or accident does not just come while on water. As such, we provide comprehensive cover options for your boats even while in storage. This way, you stay protected even in cases of fire, explosion or storms.

What We Cover

Our insurance offering covers the following areas:

  • Accidental damage 
  • Protection for explosion, storm, fire, and theft 
  • Automatic cover for boat accessories, content and tools
  • Cover for navigation within Australian inland waters
  • Cover for shipping within Australian coastal waters reaching as much 200 nautical miles offshore 
  • Damage or impairment to boat trailers
  • Food spoilage 
  • Cover for personal accident 
  • Optional cover for additional accessories 
  • Optional lay-up cover to limit the amount payable as premium
  • Cover for ambulance cost, total disablement payments, and funeral cost
  • Cover for personal property 
  • Optional cover for risk associated with yacht racing such as cover sails, rigging, spars, and mast
  • Cover for the cost to return home where your boat gets damaged over 100 kilometres from home
  • Towing cost
  • Liability cover for damage to other’s property

Why Choose Us

Our insurance service offering is not only world-class, but it is also bespoke such that it easily fits into your every need. In case you need convincing, here is why Mercantile Marine is your best bet for your boat insurance.

Easy Application Process

We understand that getting the necessary cover for your boat should be stress and hassle-free. At Mercantile Marine, our application process is seamless and smooth. We ensure you do not break a sweat as you try to give yourself and your boat the protection it deserves.

Professional Offerings                       

We are not only committed to helping you protect your boat, but we also do it in the most professional way possible. Our offering gets designed by a team of professionals with considerable experience in the use of boats. As such, it allows our service to fit into a variety of situations, including the one you did not know existed. 

Our professional design allows us to suit different boats, lifestyle and have a fun water experience.

Flexible Cover

We understand that there are a variety of uses that you can put your boat to. So, whether you’re new to the sea or seek to explore the sea, even more, our insurance cover provides various options that will be sure to meet your specific needs. 

Efficient Claim Process

While you try as much as possible to avoid damage or harm to your boat, they are sometimes unavoidable. With our insurance cover, we ensure you stay protected. However, we do not just provide easy access to our insurance cover. We also ensure that the claim process is stress-free.

We are available regardless of the time of day to receive your request and process it accordingly. Our process is also timely. This way, you hardly know your boat was damaged or stolen before our cover kicks in. 

If you’re looking to insure your boat or yacht, at Mercantile Marine, we can help you. You can contact us through any of the means below for a quote. 

DISCLAIMER: Any information here does not constitute direct advice to your specific financial situation or objectives. We merely provide general guidelines and do not take liability for any reliance on such information. As such, before making any decision, we advise you to contact your financial adviser or accountant for clarifications in light of your specific financial needs. It would be best if you also referred to our relevant terms, conditions, exclusions and limits.