Were you thinking of a recreation exercise? A rowboat might be all that you need to have a splendid time. A rowboat or a Dinghy is a small boat which is usually propelled with the use of two oars. The Oars are held in place at the same point by the oarlocks for easy powering.

If you love the idea of a rowboat, then you are at the right stop to get one for yourself. Here at Mercantile Marine, we go the extra mile to offer the best rowboat and Dinghy so that you can have a fun-filled sea adventure.

Our rowboats are great for having fun and taking time out to merge your exercise with splendid recreation. We assure you of convenience and adventure if you make our rowboats your number one pick. We are confident in this because our dinghies are:

  • Built to withstand the water hurdles like winds, waves or wakes that might spring up during your adventure.
  • Easy to move, launch or load. This is because it comes in very light and easy sizes.
  • Built to accommodate you and some of your essential belonging like your camera and lunch box. You can also bring your dog along or your favourite person to enjoy the adventure together.
  • Built to make it easy for you to board and disembark without any hassle. You have enough space for your belongings and can also have extra life jackets just in case situation demands that you help a fellow in need.
  • Built with enough stability and strength. Our rowboats have adequately been made to ensure stability on the water during your adventure.
  • Built to perfectly to respond to your rowing strength and speed.

At Mercantile Marine, we do not just make a sale and leave the rest to you. We come along all through the journey. We ensure that you get the best of what we have to offer at an affordable price. We only ask you to make your booking, and we will handle the rest. Our team are set up, especially for customer satisfaction. Our service delivery profile is also top-notch.

We also make it our duty and make the necessary documentation and relieve you the stress. Whether your current location is far or near, be that assured that we would get your rowboat delivered when you need it. Our spotless service delivery provides a basis for quality assurance.

If you’re looking to buy a Rowboat or Dinghy, at Mercantile Marine, we can help you. You can contact us through any of the means below.