At Mercantile Marine, we understand your urge for water-board recreation, so we have got everything you need in a sailboat to give you a lifetime experience.

Like you would have seen, our sailboat is a small boat which is propelled by a tensile structure made from fabrics and controlled partially or entirely by wind. Depending on your preference, the sailboats we offer for sale have different watertight bodies (Hull) for smooth movement and stability. Often, the three types of hulls are:

  • Monohulls (one hull)
  • Catamarans (two hulls)
  • Trimarans (three hulls)

We also offer for sale various sailboats that are relevant to a wide variety of uses. Our sailboats offering include:

Cruising Sailboats

If you are a great adventurist, then our cruising sailboat might be just for you. At a very affordable price, you can make your bookings at Mercantile Marine. Our Cruising Sailboat is specially designed for long distances and voyages in deep seas.  With our product, we make a promise of excellent stability, size and storage space for enough people.

Racer-Cruiser Sailboats

At a pocket-friendly price, our racer-cruiser sailboat has all the features of a cruising sailboat and an additional racing feature. We do not just give the best price, we also assure you of durability and long-lasting product.

Racing Sailboats

If you’re like us who often feel the urge to go the extra mile, then our racing sailboats are just for you. Once you make your bookings and complete your payment, we equally promise to deliver your product in the same way our racing sailboats move across the waters.

Motor Sailer

These sailboats are bigger, but prices are competitive enough. Due to its size, strength and stability, a motor sailer is mostly used for overnight and long-distance sailing. We offer these sailers at competitive prices.

Beach Catamaran

A beach catamaran is not meant for an amateur sailor. It requires some stability and the sailor’s agility to control. It is a high-speed boat used for beaching and is mostly used during the day for recreation exercise. We offer these sailboats for sale at Mercantile Marine.

Cruising Catamaran

A cruising catamaran is your ideal sailboat for a voyage with you and some few friends. It is a large cruising boat with enough space for accommodation and storage. We also offer it for sale at an affordable price.

With all our products, we promise you quality service and customers’ satisfaction. If you’re looking to buy a Sailboat, at Mercantile Marine, we can help you. You can contact us through any of the means below.