You might just be looking to sell your boat or yacht whether to purchase a new one or recoup your financial investment. However, it can be quite hard finding a buyer by placing a “for sale” banner around your boat. Well, that is where we come in at Mercantile Marine.

We provide a platform where you can advertise or list your boat and offer it up for sale. Our platform is home to millions of individuals to purchase used boats at competitive prices. As such, we connect you to them and allow you to recoup a high value for your property. 

We have a team of expert boat dealers that understand the sales and registration procedure within Sydney, New South Wales. We provide the team at your doorstep to help you complete your transaction, whether privately or publicly, and seamlessly at that.

Our team has the necessary training to ensure you do not have to worry about the essential legal documentation, among others. We handle the whole process and ensure you get access to your cash returns as soon as possible. 

Also, with us, you enjoy a professional approach to sales, we offer our team of negotiators that prioritises your best interest. We also network with various boat dealers. 

How It Works 

Our offering under this category takes the following process that allows you to monitor your progress. They are:

1. Sign Up with Us

The first thing you will need to do is to sign up on our platform. This is to ensure we can verify your identity and give you access to relevant offerings within our brokerage community. You merely need to provide the most basic information.

2. List the Boat with Us

The next thing you will need to do is list your boat with us. At Mercantile Marine, we ensure that this process is as smooth as possible. All you will need to do is register with us, then upload the photos and description of your boat on our site.

3. Receive Bids

Thanks to our broad reach, you can count on your moving from the first stage to this stage in record time. You will receive offers from willing buyers. Based on your asking price, we will award the sale to the customer willing to pay the highest. This way, you can make the most of the deal.

4. Actual Sale

After you receive the bid and accept it, we conclude the actual sale. This includes accounting for the various required documentation and legal requirements needed to transfer ownership. We also take care of all financial considerations related to the transaction.

5. Receive your Payments

We do not delay your payments once we receive them. We proceed to immediately provide you with the appropriate financial remuneration for the sale. We ensure that you receive your payment within a week of the actual purchase.

Why Choose Us

At Mercantile Marine, we are not just a great option to sell your boats. We are the best option. The various benefits that come with choosing us to include:

Free Listing

You will need a platform that allows you to offer your boat for sale at a minimum cost. Well, at Mercantile Marine, we do better. We do not just provide you with an opportunity at a minimum price. We ensure you do not have to pay a dime. Our platform is entirely free for listing.

Wide Reach

You will need a platform that allows you to reach hundreds of thousands of people within the shortest possible time. And at Mercantile Marine that is what we provide. We have hundreds of registered users that are willing to buy through our platform.

When you sign up with us, you get access to this wide range of people. This way, you can get your boat sold earlier than you can imagine. 

Competitive Prices

We understand that your primary goal when selling your boat or yacht is to recoup your purchase price as much as possible. And that is what we provide at Mercantile Marine. Our platform allows you to get the best rates possible for the sale of your boat or yacht. 

We are committed to ensuring your sale as seamless as possible financially. We undertake a realistic, honest market appraisal of your boat to ensure we can value it correctly. 

Low Commission

As an extension to allowing you to get value for your boat, at Mercantile Marine, our sales commission when you use our platform is low and in line with industry competitive sales commission. We ensure that you can get as much as you deserve from the recouped amount. 

If you’re looking to sell your boat or yacht, at Mercantile Marine, we can help you. You can contact us through any of the means below.